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Fabrication and modeling of LED screen

LED screen (LED screen, LED display) - the display device and the transmission of visual information, in which each dot, pixel (pix) is a semiconductor LED. LED Abbreviation means "LED» (Light Emitting Diode).

Cluster LED screens

In the cluster displays, each pixel containing from three to several dozen LEDs, combined in a separate enclosure svetoizolirovannom, which is filled with sealing compound. This structural element is called a cluster.
The clusters that make up the information field of the screen, fixed with screws on the front surface of the screen. From each cluster leaves the wiring harness that connects, via electrical connector to the corresponding control circuit (PCB). This method of building full-color LED screens gradually dying out, giving way to more technological matrix principle.

Dot Matrix LED Display

In this case, clusters, and the management board together into a coherent whole - a matrix that is mounted on the control board and the LEDs and switching electronics, which are filled with a sealing compound. Depending on the size and screen resolution, number of LEDs that make up a pixel can vary from three to several dozen. A distribution of the number of LEDs in a pixel of color changes on the type of LEDs used in the interest of the white balance.

We are happy to assist you in choosing an LED screen to install it, and if necessary, develop the project for installation, taking into account all wind loads.

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