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Fabrication and installation of billboards 3x6

Billboard, billboard - a term used to describe the type of outdoor advertising that is installed along the trails of the streets. The shield is a frame, upholstered in galvanized steel or sheets of plywood, covered with weather resistance formulations, mounted on a pedestal. The shield is a heavy 3x6 construction, panels are often in areas of wind loads, so we can offer you a project to construct.



Shields can be classified according to various criteria: the number of sides, carrying useful information (one-, two-, three-way, at least 4-way), the relative positions of the parties (the flat, V-shaped, triangular), size of the advertising field are usually 6 x 3 meters
Also, the shield is usually two sides:

  • A - the direction of motion
  • B - against the direction of motion
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