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Construction and repairs

Construction - the erection of buildings and their repair, maintenance, reconstruction, restoration and renovation.

The construction process includes all the organizational, survey, design, construction and commissioning work related to the establishment, alteration or demolition of an object, as well as cooperation with the competent authorities on the production of such works.
The result is raised to build the building (construction), with interior design, engineering and technology operating systems and a complete set of documentation provided by law.

Buildings - volumetric building systems that are above ground and (or) the underground parts, which include facilities, networks, software engineering and systems engineering support and intended to live and (or) human activity, the location of production, storage, production or maintenance of animals .

We offer turnkey construction: houses, cottages, car dealerships, gas stations (petrol stations) and warehouses.

Also repair work:

  • Screed and laying flooring (laminate, parquet, linoleum, tile, ceramic tile)
  • Alignment of the walls and electrical wiring
  • Installation of lighting, plumbing, underfloor heating
  • Manufacture of furniture (bedroom, kitchen, closets, shelves, chests of drawers)
  • Ceilings (suspended, suspended, painted wallpaper)
  • Doorways (slopes, installation of doors)
  • Installation of plastic windows
  • Help in selection of equipment (the price / quality)
  • Repair of turnkey
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