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Manufacture, installation and maintenance of dynamic structures (prismatron, Trivision, redius, priz

Prizmatron - advertising medium, the visual surface is due to the fact that it consists of rotating triangular prisms may vary. After a specified period of time, the prism was rotated around its axis, showing one by one each of the three faces. Thus, while they can accommodate three different story. Such advertising media most often mounted on 3x6 boards (billboards), supersayty, also sometimes installed on the facades, replacing firewalls in the most crowded places.


These promotional designs allow the customer to place advertising in the most popular and visited places of the city, if you cannot install a few billboards. The very process of changing images (sticky film) on the advertising attracted extra attention. The most common image for placement on prizmatron printed on adhesive tape.


There are many designs prizmatron, but on the principle of service can be divided into two groups:

  • prizmatron with collapsible prisms. In constructions of this type faces of prisms are disconnected elements - the slats. When glueing advertising on structures of this type is sufficient to remove a single plane of the three.
  • prizmatron with sealed prisms. On data structures for the installation of advertising is necessary to remove the entire prism.
  • We are happy to assist you in choosing a (free consultation), dynamic design, supply and installation of parts, assembly, gluing and subsequent maintenance.
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