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Manufacture of forged plates (casting, a casting, fences)

Metal Art - manufacturing method of metal, which has forged a common name, any forged items, any destination, with a mandatory property of a work of art.

Tools and Equipment

The main device used in the art workshops, similar to conventional Forge - a forge and anvil. As the tooling supports the handbrake, and when major works used a sledgehammer. For holding hot metal tongs used sets - serial and special. Last produced blacksmith-artist yourself.
If you need art forging chisels, barbs, podboyki and rounded hammers. As an additional tool used mandrel crimping, tips, shperaki and sweeps, as well as the boards - the breakdown, formovalnye, correct, and nailing. For operations on a cold metal working tools are required for the coinage, distillation, corrugations, and granulation, and for fine work - files, chisels, scrapers, and stamps. In addition, the workshops, especially in large, can be installed mechanical and pneumatic hammers.


  • Operations that used in the art workshop include: 
  • Landing.
  • Broach.
  • rounded edges.
  • threading.
  • Making ledges.
  • Bending.
  • Punching.
  • Cut.
  • Twist-torsirovanie. A flat, round or rod torsirovanny twisted into a spiral. Twisting is performed in a cold or hot state - depending on the thickness of the rod. Twisted rods used in the design of gratings.
  • Cones. The wire is folded into a spiral - in the form of cones.
  • volutes, spirals.
  • The convolution of the Rings. Billet is folded into a ring diameter required. Convolution is performed in a cold or hot state - depending on the thickness of the workpiece.
  • The intersection of overlap.
  • Rassekanie material.
  • Staples.
  • Mint.
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