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Light box (light box, lightboxes) - lighting product that represents the bulk structure with a front surface of the translucent material (transparent to light), with the sides and rear (posterior) surface of a metal or plastic PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Inside the light box mounted light source which illuminates the front surface. Light boxes are widely used in outdoor advertising, and in the interior. This type of signage very visible both day and night, thanks to internal illumination.


The lateral surface

The lateral surface of the light box is made of the following materials:

  • Profile of galvanized steel (this type of paste over the sidewall vinyl film);
  • The plastic profile from 90 to 180 mm.
  • Aluminium profiles from 90 to 180 mm.

In some cases, the sidewalls of the light boxes are milling, and the inside of the structure is enclosed translucent material (banner, adhesive tape, poster), which results in a glow effect on both sides.

The back (posterior) surface

For the dorsal side Lightbox commonly used:

  • galvanized steel;
  • The plastic sheet (4 mm.)
  • The aluminum composite material.

The back side in most cases is invisible to the eye (if not the panel-mount).


The front surface

The front surface of the light box can be made of the following materials that transmit light:

  • Translucent fabric banner;
  • Cellular polycarbonate;
  • Polystyrene;
  • Acrylic glass (the most commonly used so-called "milky acrylic");
  • Satin.

The front side is a light box advertising field, which is applied to the image, so it should scatter light well. The choice of material for the front surface depends on the location of the lightbox and advertising functions.


Light Sources

For internal illumination light box, the following light sources:

  • Energy-saving lamps (in boxes of small size);
  • Fluorescent lamps;
  • Light-emitting diodes (LED);
  • Neon lamps.

Light source is selected depending on the desired brightness of the front surface of the light box. LEDs are the most durable light sources.


The material for pictures in most cases is a translucent vinyl film with a large-print, or cut on the cutting plotter. In the case of the front surface of the banner fabric, the image is printed directly on it.

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