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Production of volumetric letters of light and not light

A more costly but more effective as compared with light boxes, sign. It is a voluminous curly letters with different kinds of illumination.

The most common types of channel letters:

  • Closed large letters made of Plexiglas sides - aluminum profile (ALS) or foamed plastic (polyvinyl chloride), the inner light - neon or LEDs. Lateral and facial surfaces are veneered with special vinyl films.
  • Volumetric letters from the "open neon." A colorful ads in the style of "The Night of Las Vegas." Most of all - metal letters with no front panel, neon tubes are placed inside the letters, there is also an option when the neon lights are located on the front surface of the letters. The disadvantage is the instability of vandalism.
  • Volumetric letters from kontrazhurnoy (reverse) lights. In this case, the light source (neon lamp or LEDs) are arranged in letters, illuminating the facade and create a spectacular glow (dark letters, surrounded by a luminous halo).

Less common types of channel letters:

  • Volumetric letters from the combined light. In this case, the light source is located inside such a way as to cover both the front and the rear part (contre), creating the effect of light letters floating in the air.
  • Three-dimensional (or more Pseudo) letter with an open LED. The visible part of the letter in full or set on a path open sealed LED pixels, modules (clusters), or tape. Have high brightness.
  • Volumetric letters from aluminum or stainless steel. Frames are welded or soldered letters out of metal. Depending on the selected illumination in the front or the back of the letter set, diffuse or transparent acrylic, polystyrene, or other special material. These signs are usually more expensive and must be ordered, usually banks or expensive boutiques.
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