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Interior Vinyl Sticker

Interior Vinyl Sticker (another name - Vinyl Sticker) - picture-applique made of a polymeric adhesive film on the basis of vinyl. Has a waterproof surface. Vinyl applique can be solid or composed of several parts (elements).


Interior label may take the form of abstractions, patterns, signs, animals, birds, plants, buildings (or their separate parts), equipment, a variety of objects, people (including celebrities). They are monochrome, two-color or multicolored.

For the manufacture of stickers used technology plotter cutting of the film. In the cutting plotter or cutter is inserted into vinyl, then, depending on the thickness of the film is set davzhenie push knife. Prepared to cut the file in vector format eps or cdr. After the boat cut through the right figure, the excess part of the film must be clean. After that, it is almost finished, label rolled into the mounting tape. It turns out "sandwich" of three films - 1. Mounting film (need to move sticker on the surface) 2. The very label, and 3. Substrate - The film, mostly on paper, on which the label is to transfer to the wall.
The amount of such labels vary widely: they may be quite small and great.

Vinyl stickers are widely used around the world to decorate the premises or individual elements of the interior, offices, shops, car decoration, as well as in the children's work - for example, when teaching preschoolers alphabet.

The undoubted advantages of interior vinyl stickers, but their high decoration, include: ease of use, water resistance, flexibility (you can attach to almost any smooth surface: metal, glass, wood, ceramic, stone, paper, plastic), protection for human health, longevity, resistance to solar UV radiation and mechanical stress. Many types of vinyl graphics can be used several times, perekleivaya from place to place without harming the surface.

Adhesive tape can be used to:

  • Branding of cars, vans, trucks (car taping)
  • Sticking to the glass cabinet (inside and out)
  • Sticking to the dynamic structure (prismatron, trivizhiny, rediusy)
  • Sticking to the blinds
  • Sticking to the substrate (plastic, galvanized, resin, polycarbonate, acrylic, Org. Glass)
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