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Making boards, pylons, pilorsov

Represent a free-standing vertical advertising structures of different sizes. They can reach a height of thirty feet. Stationary massive stelae impressive sizes are set around garages, gas stations, car showrooms. The most common height - about 8 meters. In shopping centers and exhibition halls, near the offices and small shops using small, portable (mobile) stele in size from 80 centimeters. Most often used for advertising Stella forming the image of organizations - shops, offices and shopping centers. Customers and potential customers, many remember the names of the companies solely because of these facilities. A striking example - the most prestigious auto shows. Large logo and design remain in memory even for someone who just drove past several times and was not going to buy a car. The task of filling stations stelae - not only to create a vivid visual image of a certain gas station network. They function as part of the seller and provide the required information: show the current fuel prices, these additional services. These stelae are to be visible from a distance to approaching vehicles.

As a rule, all solutions are unique, but still have things in common: the three-dimensionality, the possibility of removal and replacement of additional sections.

It is very convenient, especially if the company likes to please its visitors regular updates and the latest news (price changes, a variety of events, discounts, etc.)

Many people mistakenly believe that Stella is strictly to be huge. There are species that do not reach even a meter in height, for example, a small plastic plate inside. Low stele also frequently used in the design of shopping centers, when you need some way to isolate the original input. You can look at our portfolio located above the photo images.

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