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Restoration and construction of filling stations

Automobile filling station (gas station) - a set of equipment for roadside areas intended for fueling vehicles.

The most common filling station which has controlled vehicles varieties of traditional fossil fuels - gasoline and diesel fuel (petrol stations).

Less common are CNG filling stations (CNG) - refueling with compressed natural gas (CNG) and Automotive Gas filling stations (gas stations) - filling of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). There are also several types of hydrogen filling stations.

Container filling station (KAZS) - petrol stations, technological system which is designed to refuel vehicles only liquid fuel and is characterized by above-ground storage tanks and the location of accommodation in the fuel-dispensing container, fuel storage, performed as a factory product.

At today's gas stations are often service is not limited to the sale of fuel. Often at these stations has a small shop, at least - a snack bar, as well as ATM, car wash, etc.

We produce individual elements for gas stations, restoration (branding), and construction of turnkey gas station!

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