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Roller displays, scrollers

The concept of the roller screen

Roller display (scroller, dynamic display, scrolling motion poster display) - it's advertising and information system, which is a light box with a powerful internal illumination, in which advertising image is rewound from one shaft to another. Automatic change of image is due to two electric motors, shafts that lead to the movement. Each image shows a certain specified time settings.

On the streets of Russian cities roller displays (scrollers) started to appear recently, but have already proven their effectiveness and relevance. Marketing studies show that advertising is being placed on the roller screen, in terms of perception and memorization are 1.5-2.5 times more effective than static ads.


Design Features

The body displays roller is made of aluminum profile high-quality, fixed on high strength steel frame, which provides high rigidity of the duct, which is very important for the exact position of the shafts. Hinge roller shutters concealed in cavities of the display profile and not visible from outside, which makes the design more aesthetically pleasing and balanced appearance.

A poster light up the inside, which makes them particularly bright, and the change of image attracts more attention. On the second side (B) scroller (sitibord’s) often placed a single static image. It is possible to install a second tape drive mechanism, whereas on the B side will be to show up to 5 images. If the installation site design suggests it impossible to use by B (eg, side B is closed, or some trees, building) - the scroller can be manufactured with only one working dynamic side A.

Display of street performance roller is fully prepared to operate in the environment. The frame and glass boxes in a frame sealing rubber band taped to prevent water from entering the box. In the frame of safety glass is installed. Leaf scroller street performance closes with a key.

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