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Maintenance of outdoor advertising

We offer cleaning and restoration, replacement lighting (LEDs, neon, throttle, fluorescent lamps, power supplies) for all types of outdoor advertising on the professional level:

  • Banner (grid sheet)
  • Volumetric letters
  • Light Boxes
  • Facade signs

For cleaning of advertising used at the height of the Industrial climbers have passed special training. All of them use only, professional safety equipment. We clean up your outdoor advertising from various types of pollution: carbon black, soot, dust and dirt. And, besides, cleanse your advertising from glue, paint, adhesive tape, silicone, putty and cement.
Your ad will shine clean. All work performed by us using modern detergents manufacturers. But for complex architectural features of the building, we always have a truck, ladder and forests.

Ground and internal washing of Advertising provides, as well trained, highly skilled personnel. For high wash of advertising objects it needs free access.

When cleaning commercial and professional use hand tools: scraper (pad), pile scraper (coat), a rubber scraper, eviction (skliz). If necessary, washing machines carried a lot of pressure produced by "KARCHER".

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