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Manufacturing and installation of supersites

Supersayt (superbord, billboard) - a large-scale design of outdoor lighting on the outside, it is one-sided, double sided, robin (two-sided - dovetail angle of 45 degrees), two-way revealed at an angle of 120 degrees. The location on a high pedestal helps to provide the advertised product, and allows you to see the real picture (banner cloth) from a distance. Due to the enormous size supersayt often located outside the historic areas of cities, the major highways, near the bridge, rings and large interchanges.

The most common sizes of advertising surface supersayt’s: 4x12 m, 5x12 m, 5x15, 6h20 pm
Sometimes, for extra effect on supersayt’s mounted prizmatron, Trivision, Redius (triangular dynamic structure).

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