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Fabrication and installation of unipol

Our company manufactures yunipoly (triangular rotating advertising design). Yunipoly in frequent cases are set near the shopping malls, big on the rings and road junctions. Thanks to the support-turning devices to all three fields of advertising is perfect "work" to potential customers.
3 advertising field located "triangle"


Possible dimensions of the fields of advertising:

The main dimensions of 3x6, 4x8, 4x12, 5x12, 5x15.



Team of steel construction mounted on a reinforced concrete foundation with a deep in the ground, by means of anchor bolts. The specific type and size of the foundation are calculated on the basis of Geodesy at the point of installation design. Decorative paneling of the information field - shaped panels made of galvanized steel. Advertising you see on each information field is held by the tension of vinyl. Rack used steel pipes 1220, 1020 and 820 mm with a decorative frame of galvanized steel profile. Rotation is provided by a special support-rotating device.
Highlighting information fields can be either internal using a metal halide floodlights for rotating structures and outdoor use with metal halide floodlights for the stationary structures. Floodlights installed a special scheme, which provides uniform illumination of advertising spaces.

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