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Vacuum form

The vacuum forming, vacuum forming technology is hot - is the production of thermoplastic materials in hot form by the impact of vacuum or low pressure air.

This technique is mainly used for mass production of bulk products from plastic, but in some cases can also be used in single runs.

 For the implementation of the molding must be in a form on which the molding. The form is provided either by the customer or can be made by us.

The cost is calculated specifically for shaping every order, take into account material thickness, material type, depth and number of molding products.

After forming the product is exposed on the technological cutting planes. This is done either at a special milling machine (the thickness of the material is not limited to) or rolling-stamping press.
The wire-cutting machines can cut down the product of thin plastic with thickness up to 1.5 mm of complex configuration. For a curly logging, you must first make a special snap-in (punching). Such deforestation has economic feasibility for a large number of copies of products.


Advertising media

Examples of use:

  • billboards
  • posters,
  • Signs,
  • advertising and information displays,
  • The faceplate light boxes,
  • elements of the exhibition stands.

The front panel of advertising signs or advertising stand in the manufacture of it by forming the bulk may contain elements that are inseparable from the panel. This provides a significant visual advantage.

In addition, if mold is used for translucent polystyrene, the molded panel can be used with internal illumination! to remember (!) that the application of the image on the polystyrene panel is possible only after it molded.

There are several options:

  • application of color film (oracal, avery, 3M, etc.)
  • self-adhesive film with a printed image
  • Direct printing on plastic volumetric (rarely used, because not many presses can cause the pigment to the bulk material!)


Individual volume elements of advertising

  • logos
  • large letters,
  • symbols
  • tablets
  • nameplate,
  • rack
  • pylons
  • promostoyki,
  • casts,
  • Other ads IDs style

Materials may be used a variety of: acrylic and polystyrene - Clear, milky, color, ABS, PVC, PET, solid polycarbonate, etc. Bear in mind only the absence of negative angles. It is understood that all the bevels, the ends of the product must have an angle of 90 ° C and above.

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