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Large Format Printing

We provide services for large format printing:

  • Printing a banner (density-280gr., 300gr. - 340gr., 400gr. - 480gr., 500gr. - 550gr., Solid, translucent, etc.)
  • Self-adhesive film (matte, glossy, transparent)
  • Printing on paper (prints, translucent paper)
  • Printing on the grid
  • Print on canvas

Banner (English banner - flag banner) - graphic advertising. Banners are placed to attract customers or to create a positive image.

In the outdoor advertising

The word "banner" usually means a fabric cloth of rectangular shape of the information or advertising content. In the business environment, its synonyms are the banners, placards. All these products are effective tools for outdoor advertising and are produced by large-format printing. The basic material for their manufacture are cast thick PVC film, often called for preemptive use of banner cloth. For tasks such as design of buildings, stands, events are often replaced by cloth banner mesh, which facilitates the overall weight of the structure and eliminates the effect of sail.

In online advertising

Main article: Banner (Internet)
• Banner - one of the predominant formats of online advertising. It is a graphical representation, similar to the advertising module in the press, but it cannot hold an animated (rare video) elements, as well as being a hyperlink to the advertiser's site or a page with more information.

There are three types of banners: static and dynamic, on click. Static banners are placed on a certain date. In this case, the advertiser buys a specific location on the site. More often than static banners can be found on the regional web portals. Therefore, choosing the dynamics, the advertiser pays for the number of hits on a person. Dynamic banners are used, both regional and federal portals. By clicking the advertiser pays per click specifically, that go to his site. An example is PPC advertising.

Species differ in the type of banner graphic on the website: Each type of banner is a graphic image in GIF or JPEG. The image on them can be static (or fixed) and animated (GIF format motion effect is achieved by interleaving multiple images).

Self-adhesive tape - vinyl or other plastic film with a decorative design (pattern, color, texture) on one side and adhesive on the other side.

To protect the adhesive from dust and damage until it is closed using glossy paper-based (on the reverse sides of which are usually dimensional labels and instructions for use).
When installing the mark applied to the paper surface after the cutting surface of the paper is removed and the film is transferred to the desired surface. Most of the films allows for peeling immediately after installation to eliminate errors.
It is used for decoration and interior decoration in the production of advertising.

Poster (ad poster) - catchy, as a rule, large-format, image, accompanied by brief text, made in promotional, advertising, informational or educational purposes. (In another sense - a kind of graphic). In the modern poster design is perceived as a "flattened into a clear visual message to the formula, designed for contemporary findings and actions." This formula reflects a level of graphic design and provides information on the subject of communication.
The special features of the genre include the following: the poster should be visible at a distance, to be clear and well understood the audience. In the poster art is often used metaphor, various scale shapes, images of events occurring at different times and in different locations to mark the contour of objects. For text, it is important font, layout, color. In posters photo is also in conjunction with drawing and painting.

Canvas - in the fine arts - the fabric on which paint pictures.
In traditional cultures - hemp or linen fabric with a plain (ie, perpendicular to the alternating laps in one thread) interlacing yarns. Canvas of hemp, which has a yellowish color, was more common in central Russia, as the hemp grew best under difficult environmental conditions. It is usually thicker and coarser silvery linen canvas, but has a higher wear resistance. The people wove linen of different quality grades: for thin ritual towels, holiday or work clothes. Many of the peoples of Russia, he had a width of 36-38 cm, which is determined by the possibilities of weaving machines in the home. This size was a kind of module for the cutting elements of traditional folk costumes (the frame, sides, sleeves, etc.).

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